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Empieza pequeño.
Tan pequeño como necesites.
No importa en realidad.
No mires el camino en frente.
Concéntrate en este momento.
Acéptalo y acógelo.
No lo juzgues. No te juzgues.

Y luego empieza. Así, pequeño.
Y continúa. Continúa pequeño.
No mires el camino en frente.
No apures el momento.
Déjalo ser. Acógelo.

De pronto, un día avanzarás.
Y otro avanzarás aún más.

Y luego habrán retrocesos.
Demoras. Estancamientos.
Todo es parte del proceso.
Todo es bueno.
Escucha. Acoge. Aprende.

Recuerda: no empezaste para llegar.
Empezaste para aprender.
Aprende y un día llegarás.

Start small.
As small as you need.
It doesn’t really matter how small.
Do not look at the road in front of you.
Breath. Focus in this moment.
Accept it as it is and embrace it.
Do not judge it.
Do not judge yourself.

Then begin. Start small.
And continue. Keep it small.
But persevere.

Remember: do not look ahead.
Do not hurry this moment.
Let it be. Embrace it.

One day you will see progress.
Then, another day, you will see even more.
Enjoy those moments.

But some days may feel like you are going back to where you were.
There are going to be delays. Even stalls.
Do not fear. Do not dispair.
It’s all part of the process. All is good.
Listen to those moments too. Embrace them. Learn.

Remember: your soul does not pick a journey just to finish it.
Your soul picks journeys to learn and grow.
Learn, grow and one day, you will get there.